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In July of 2014, we got our first taste of traveling together as we hopped a flight down to the Yucatan Peninsula for a week’s worth of beaches, sun, and too many Pina Coladas. Before

Hiking Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Hiking Mayan Ruins in Mexico

we knew it we were flying back to our regular lives in Lubbock, Texas…back to the real world.  So as we worked, went shopping for groceries, went to the drive-in movies, and worked some more, we realized that we wanted something more. That trip to Mexico showed us that we truly enjoyed each other’s company and we excelled at traveling together.

Fast forward 6 months and that longing for an adventure never receded.  In December of 2014, we decided it was time for a change.  Where do we move?  Austin?  Dripping Springs? Do we move back to our families?  We both love spending time with them but knew that a move would not satiate our need for adventure.  So why not sell all our belongings, pack up the necessities and move to Shanghai!

“But your website’s name is engaged explorers…tell us about the engagement!”


Sunset from the Caboose in Lubbock, Texas

On March 7th, we got engaged while watching a beautiful Texas sunset on top of an old caboose. Our families and friends are thrilled and excited that we have taken the next step in our relationship. Now the only questions we ever hear is, “When is the wedding?” We don’t know the answer either at this point. When we set a date (and place and somehow fit it into our adventures) we will let you know. For now, we are engaged, happy, and planning to see the world.

We hope you enjoy our photos, travel stories, and can laugh along with us about the bumps along the way. We would love to hear from all of you, so contact us anytime!