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Going to Class on Vacation? Are We Nuts?

Maybe we are nuts, but enrolling in a Thai cooking class was a wonderful change of pace from the usual activities found on Koh Phi Phi!

Cooking our own food on vacation seems a little backwards at first glance, however, taking a cooking class is much more than just paying to make your own dinner…and we highly recommend it.  We all know that a benefit of taking a trip is leaving the responsibilities of everyday life at home and taking a much-needed break from adulting. Fresh linens, cold drinks, and local cuisine are the new “normal” even if you only managed to get away for a week.  So why would we go against the grain and cook while on our trip?  Well, read more and you will find out why it is a worthwhile experience for any Thailand trip!  We took a class at Pum’s Cooking School, but there are many other options, just run a quick Google search.Cooking Thai Food - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand - Engaged Explorers

Thai food is by far the best food on this side of the world. It has the perfect blend of spice and sweet that makes my mouth water as I write this. That being said, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend one of our afternoons in Thailand than to enroll in a Thai cooking class. For 3 hours we got a wonderful rundown of all things Thai: the proper way to greet people, short history of the Royal Family, making your own Thai sauces from scratch, and even a quiz about spicy peppers that both of us failed! Whoops!

The cooking class was an exciting, and educational, experience that we got to share together and look back on like “Hey, remember when we took that cooking class on Koh Phi Phi?” How cool is that?! The class included a cookbook so now we are on the hook to make our families Thai food when we go back to the States.

10 things we learned:

  1. Thai food is based on the principal of sour, sweet, salty and spicy to create complex tastes
  2. Tyler will eat anything with coconut milk (it actually might be his favorite Thai food)
  3. Thai food is actually quite simple to prepare (once you have all the ingredients)
  4. Fish sauce is actually made from fermented fish
  5. Thai tea (Cha yen) is AMAZING – while we didn’t learn to make this, it’s so amazing that it’s worth mentioning on this listEnjoying Mango Sticky Rice - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand - Engaged Explorers
  6. Ketchup is a pretty common sauce ingredient in Thai cooking
  7. Mango sticky rice is even better when you make it yourself
  8. Using a mortar & pestle is the quickest way to make curry paste
  9. The world’s hottest pepper is a Carolina Reaper, it’s actually a cross between a ghost pepper and a red habanero
  10. Fruit is a common ingredient (pineapple fried rice anyone?) and is typically served for dessert, or even mixed with spices for balance like in green papaya salad

We have already discussed that we are going to take cooking classes along the way in our travels to build up our international cookbook. It is a meaningful way for us to bring a little bit of the culture home with us. So if you ever find yourself wondering how a certain delicious dish is made we suggest looking into taking a cooking class to learn for yourself!

Have you ever taken a cooking class, and if so, where?





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