Palo Duro Canyon Glamping Trip

Cave View in Palo Duro Canyon

Cave View in Palo Duro Canyon

This month before we head off to Shanghai is a busy time! We just finished a three-day trip to Palo Duro Canyon and will be heading to Austin, Houston, and Asheville before we depart on July 9th.

Palo Duro Canyon is a must-see if you are ever in the West Texas area. Driving there, you pass many cotton fields and suddenly happen upon a gorgeous canyon. Since it’s a state park, it’s also a very affordable vacation. Day passes are $5.00 and we rented a small 1930’s era cabin to stay in for $60.00 per night. We recommend the cabin… you’ll want the AC.

While there, we hiked 2 trails and spent another evening climbing into a cave. The lighthouse trail is the famous trail for the park and it’s an easy 6 miles. More than worth the view from the top, just take lots of water!


Glamping in CCC Cabin #3

We also hiked the CCC trail. It’s the original 1930’s trail to get from the canyon rim to the floor. This starts at the parks first viewpoint and is a difficult trek, but shorter with about 3 miles there and back. We spotted multiple beautiful lizards and birds along both hikes.

On our second night there, we went to see the musical, Texas, in the open-air amphitheater in the Canyon. The show includes

Lizard on the CCC Trail

Lizard on the CCC Trail

fireworks, dancing acts and a cute settler’s of West Texas storyline. It was a little hokie, but it’s a Texas tradition so everyone should see it once!

We couldn’t have had better camping and hiking buddies who treated us to the 3-day getaway. The evenings were cool and the star viewing was amazing.

Have you been to Palo Duro? What did you think?

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