Dirt Paths - Koh Phi Phi

Top View & Koh Phi Phi’s Dirt Paths

Both of us were getting a bit restless beach bumming it all week (I know rough life) so we decided to go out and explore. Lauren recalled reading a bit about the dirt paths that the locals use to get around the island by foot. This sounded like the perfect way to get on our feet and go on an adventure.

Koh Phi Phi Top View - Hiking the Dirt Paths - Engaged Explorers
We gained access to the dirt paths by going up to view point 2 and then left the paved path and opted for a dirt trail going in the opposite direction. Shortly after that we came upon a rather crudely painted map of all the dirt paths on Koh Phi Phi.
Koh Phi Phi Trail Map - Hiking the Dirt Paths - Engaged Explorers

One place in particular caught our eye on that rudimentary map: Top View. Top View appears to be the highest viewpoint that you can reach with only some slight hiking. Make sure to bring some water along the way though, it is VERY hot on the trails and you’re not close to the refreshing light blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

We actually ended up at Top View twice that day, once upon our initial exploration of the island, and then a second time to grab some Pad Thai with arguably the most beautiful view in all of Thailand. Top View that morning provided us with our first monkey experience on Koh Phi Phi. They are definitely “wilder” than the monkeys we found on Monkey Beach, so much so, that when we returned for lunch there were no monkeys to be seen due to the increased amount of people nearby.

After our first stop at Top View, we decided to continue our adventure. As we made our way down a steep and rocky path, we only knew we were headed towards a beach on the eastside of Koh Phi Phi Don. I wouldn’t recommend this hike in flip-flops (whoops). But seeing this adventure through turned out to be a great decision! Not only were we greeted with a beautiful beach as we stumbled down out of the jungle, but we also had found a beach devoid of large masses of people! It’s here we spent a couple hours soaking up the sun whilst reading on our Kindles, enjoying every little bit of the paradise surrounding us. The snorkeling right off the beach is simply stunning and the islands in the distance provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing afternoon in the sand.Rantee Beach, Koh Phi Phi Don - Hiking the Dirt Paths - Engaged Explorers

If you’re not feeling the cliff-side hike back that left us with extremely sore calves, you could always rent a longtail and have them boat you back to your closest beach. (or to Monkey Beach, check out more on that here!) We decided to hike back up to Top View for lunch, just knowing that we wanted to enjoy the beautiful view one more time.

What’s your favorite view?

Top View & Koh Phi Phi’s Dirt Paths by

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