Be a Tourist in Your Own City: Sheshan Mountain

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A day of ‘hiking’ is how we worded our Sheshan adventure when inviting friends. Yes, it’s a hike, but not in the truest sense of the word.

Sheshan is the highest point in Shanghai. At a whopping 100.8 meters above sea level, the ascent doesn’t pose much of a challenge. Add in a paved trail to the top and you are looking at a pretty relaxed hike. However, there was an option to take the more “difficult” route involving a handful of switchbacks.

Once making your way to the summit you will find the Sheshan Basilica  and the Sheshan Observatory and Museum. Entrance to the park and climbing the mountain is free, but entrance to the observatory costs 12RMB. Although most of the exhibit explanations were in Chinese, having the opportunity to walk around an actual observatory with the telescope and all its equipment, was definitely worth the money. Well…and the view. Luckily we picked a perfect day and the view of downtown Pudong and the surrounding city from the roof of the observatory was a stunning way to grasp just how massive Shanghai is.

The most taxing part of the day was the walk to the mountain from the nearest metro stop on Line 9. It took us the better part of an hour to finally make our way to the base of the mountain. On the return trip back to the metro we opted out of walking back in favor of a taxi. Come on…we had already hiked up a mountain!

We suggest this as a great way to spend a morning away from the Shanghai’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some fresh air. Being so far south of the city, there wasn’t much around in terms of food. So plan to head back closer to town for lunch and a well-deserved beer.

What tourist spots do you use in your city? For another great day/weekend trip out of Shanghai, check out our trip to Shengsi Island.

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2 thoughts on “Be a Tourist in Your Own City: Sheshan Mountain

  1. Thanks for this. Trying to find hiking trips in Shanghai and this could be the closest. Everything else suggested is much further away. Would like to incorporate hiking as part of a weekly activity so not keen to go anywhere further.

    • No problem! We are always looking for new ways to get outside and be active. I would look into Chongming Island as well! We haven’t been yet but have heard great things from friends who have made the journey! It is accessible by bus from Shanghai! Best of luck to you!

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