China Prep: Spending Less and Saving More

For the past month, we have been going through the steps that Ruth from Living Well, Spending Less has outlined for 31 days of Living Well and Spending Zero. She has created a month-long program to help teach people how to stop their poor spending habits and really evaluate their financial situations.

One of the first assignments was the go through your fridge and pantry to organize and inventory the food items. After we completed our inventory, we made a list of meal options we could make with items we already had on hand. Before we made the list I was at the “there is nothing to eat and we need groceries now!” point, and I was almost positive there was no way that we had enough food in the house to last another week, or even a day. But from that list of food that we had on hand we were able to eat well for another 10 days! And to think we were about to go spend more money on groceries when we already had enough at home.

As part of our spending evaluation we made the decision to turn off our air conditioner and heater. With the beautiful spring weather, we have been able to open up our windows at night to let the cool air in and then use blinds during the day to keep the cool air in. This saved us over $250.00 on our electricity bill!

If you completely followed Ruth’s program, you wouldn’t eat out at all for 31 days, but Tyler and I decided that would minimize to eating-out 1 time per month. This allows us to have a date night, but still keeps our restaurant budget low.

These are just a few of the spending habits we have decided to make use of while using her program, but we realize saving money can be done, you just have to follow through.

What are you doing to save money for something special?

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