Volcanic Rocks, Jeju Island, South Korea

Sights to See in Jeju: Beaches & Crazy Volcanic Rocks

There are plenty of beach options in Jeju. Wander around the island and you’re bound to find a quiet spot to lay out.  Or if you need a little more direction you can see if one of the following beaches would float your boat.

Samyang Black Sand Beach, Jeju Island, South KoreaSamyang Black Sand Beach on the north side of the island was honestly completely underwhelming. Although we were disappointed upon arrival, the beauty of the black sand luckily saved the trip from being a total waste of our cab fare.  The beach itself is not very big, somewhat crowded, and there isn’t a whole lot to see or do in the area. However, if you don’t want to get sandy there is a nice walkway skirting along the edge of the beach. If this beach was in school is would get a “C”.

Jungman Saekdal Beach, Jeju, South Korea, engagedexplorers.com

Jungmun Saekdal Beach, just a short bus ride west from Seogwipo, was the perfect spot to unwind after all the hiking we had done. Grab a couple beers or bottles of Soju and soak up some sun on this slice of paradise. This is our tried and true beach-going method and has yet to fail us.  Oh, and don’t be a dummy: bring sunscreen. The nearby store was cleaned out so we both ended up getting too much sun.

What’s nice about Jungman is that the south side of the island is typically warmer and the water was bluer and crystal clear. Plus, there are bathrooms and changing areas adjacent to the beach for your convenience. This beach would ace school with a solid “A”.

Jusangjeollidae Columnar Rocks, Jeju, South Korea EngagedExplorers.comOn your way to Jungman, make a quick stop by the Jusangjeollidae Columnar Rocks. These geometric volcanic pillars rising from the sea are definitely worth the 2,000 Won to see (or 1,000 Won if you are under 24 with ID). Located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex area of southern Jeju, these formations are within walking distance the Complex’s hotels and Beach.

Jusangjeollidae Columnar Rocks - Jeju, South Korea EngagedExplorers.comYou’ll want to have a camera with you because these cliffs are breathtaking enough to be your future computer background. However, like most tourist destinations, expect a crowd. We did have to wait for people to clear out so we could snap a couple photos of our own. It’s a beautiful contrast between the chaos of the waves and the perfectly geometric lava rocks.   If any of this sounds even mildly interesting to you, then definitely free up an hour to check them out in person. These cliffs spoke to me (Tyler) on a level that simply can’t be achieved any other way…what a view!

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