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Is he..? Is she..? Our Sex Museum Experience – Loveland

Memories of our trip to the Loveland Sex Museum still make us laugh. The following is a short, but comprehensive, list of things you need when visiting Loveland:

  1. A camera
  2. A camera
  3. A camera
  4. An open mind

It would take a real ‘bump on a log’ to not have a good time walking around this vast expanse of eroticism, comically tucked right next to the proper Jeju Museum of Art. Speaking of “bumps on a log”… Along the path is a log bench with certain “bumps” that make for a funny photo-op or some very concerned looks from other visitors.

Carve out at least an hour to wander around Loveland’s entertaining exhibits. There are abstract exhibits, very very real exhibits, and even interactive exhibits. All of which you will want to have a camera ready to turn the memories into lasting photographic evidence (if you ever need to blackmail your friends or family). But seriously, Loveland is well worth the price of admission and will be a fantastic answer to “What was the most interesting thing you did on Jeju?” Check out the slideshow for glimpse at what you can expect from Loveland.

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Here is the website if you are still curious, have you ever visited a museum like Loveland?

Is he..? Is she..? Our Sex Museum Experience - Loveland by

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