Top 10 Taste Experiences in Jeju- What to Eat on Your Trip

The food on our trip to Korea was great! Here is a top 10 list of tastes you should try out while you’re there:



  1. Fresh Seafood

Jeju is known for the female divers, Haenyo, translated to ‘sea women’ who dive down to 30 meters without oxygen tanks to harvest abalone, conch, octopus, oysters and other tasty seafood. Around town, many places will have tanks where you can choose your ‘catch’ to be made into a delicious dinner.


  1. Korean Fried Chicken

Double-fried and delicious, the fried chicken came with a variety of dipping sauces and far too much on one plate for a meal.


  1. Korean BBQ

Black Pigs are famous in Jeju. Up until the 1960’s these pigs were kept under house latrines and so were named ‘black pigs.’ Now, they are just known for their unique taste.


  1. Bingsoo

This snowcone-like treat comes in many forms. The traditional topping is red beans (Patbingsoo), but we went ahead and tried a tasty chocolate one. We highly recommend trying the chocolate (and then trying another flavor later in your trip).


  1. Soju

The most popular beverage in South Korea, this rice alcohol is consumed neat and can be found for cheaper than bottled water. Soju is the green bottle, the white bottle is Korean Rice wine (see honorable mentions below)!

  1. Fresh OJ

Walking around Jeju’s markets we could tell right away that citrus, primarily oranges are a major part of the local diet. They also grow Hallabongs on the island; these are very sweet and make a fantastic fresh juice.

  1. Kimchee

For those of you haven’t had Kimchee, it’s a wonderful and unique experience worth trying. Kimchee is a mix of cabbage and other vegetables that have been fermented in spicy seasonings. You can find kimchee fried rice, dumplings, and soups all over the island. It’s also served as a side dish with most meals.


  1. Ice Cream

If you read our post about Udo, you know we loved all their ice cream offerings including: peanut butter, orange, and garlic honey.


  1. Market Snacks & Red Bean Treats

At the local market we found Spiral-cut fried potato sticks fried to order and covered in a topping of your choosing. We went for the cheese powder that is eerily similar to the powder you find in Easy Mac Mac’n’Cheese. One other tasty treat from the market is a red bean filled pastry cooked in a fish-shaped waffle maker. It was cute and delicious, reminiscent of a Toaster Strudel minus the icing and only slightly sweet. Who would’ve thought that we’d find familiar tastes of home in a market on a South Korean island?!

  1. Toast Breakfast Sandwiches: Gaeran to Su Tu

Last, but not least, there are great ‘western’ breakfast sandwich shops in Jeju. These serve up toast sandwiches with many combinations of egg, bacon, ham, cheese and sauces. Guaranteed to satisfy any Westerner’s taste buds.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mentions: Hand-crafted beers from Jespi & Makgeolli, Korean rice-wine

We recommend grabbing some dinner at one of the local restaurants nightly and then heading to the markets for desserts…or a second dinner. We don’t judge here at Engaged Explorers.

If you have any local market recommendations please share in the comments section. We would love to hear.

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