Pedaling Udo: A Wonderful Island In The Sun

View from our Lunch Stop

View from our Lunch Stop

With any quick Google search one would read all about Udo’s peanut ice cream and how it’s a “must try”. Well…those articles aren’t wrong; the peanut ice cream from Jimmy’s is positively amazing and served as a perfect afternoon treat. Come to think of it, all the food we tried on Udo was really really good. We shared a huge bowl of spicy seafood soup (from the blue-decked restaurant by Jimmy’s). The mix of mussels, squid, onion and noodles could only be outdone by the view we had of the island’s coastal cliffs over Dongangyeonggul Cave.

The ferry to and from Udo provided Lauren with plenty of photo ops of nearby Sunrise Peak and of Mt. Hallasan in the distance.  With solid ground back under our feet we rented our day’s transportation: bicycles. Our legs were already sore from hiking up Mt. Hallasan so we figured why the hell not? It’s only 12km or so to ride around the entire island…we can handle that! At the day’s end we both agreed bikes provided the perfect way to see everything Udo has to offer.

As we peddled along the coastal road that circles the island, it was hard not to smile at how great life is. All our senses were acutely aware of the beauty all around: the sound of the sea and the glint of the sun dancing across the waves as they break, the smell and slight taste of salt with each breath, and the ocean breeze against your face as we glided around the island.

We stopped to get a bottle of fresh mandarin juice and Soju from a little shop situated along the coastal road. Soju is a very inexpensive rice based alcohol that is usually cheaper than bottled water. Soju is to South Korea what Sake is to Japan and tequila is to Mexico. So (obviously) it was our choice of refreshment for a seaside pit stop at Hagosudong beach. Another positive of Soju is its borderline magical ability to make a bicycle seat comfortable!

Our last stop on the island was at Hahahoho Café. A quiet, understated spot with a view you should have to pay for. At Hahahoho, we accidentally ordered our second serving of ice cream that day. Seriously, it was on accident. Lauren tried to bring a peculiar item on the menu to my attention by pointing at it. The girl mistook this motion as our order. And that is how we tried garlic and honey ice cream. I know, it sounds a bit gross, right? Wrong. It. Was. Delicious. Only downside was the bits of garlic stuck in our teeth giving us super long lasting garlic breath. Oh well!

We caught the second to last ferry back to Jeju as the sun began its daily march toward the horizon. As we sat on the ferry, we both wished that we had planned more time at Udo. It’s the perfect size for a day trip, but it would’ve been a wonderful place to also catch the sunrise. Even after a full day of soaking up all Udo had to offer we still couldn’t help but gaze in wonder at the beauty of this volcanic gem in the middle of the sea.

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